Road Network Project, Construction Supervision Consulting Services [ADB Loan No 2187-BHU], Bhutan

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Client: Department Roads, Bhutan
Funding Agency: Asian Development Bank
Period: August 2008 to June 2011
Consulting Association: WSP Imc, UK, GEOCE Consultants (P) Ltd, Nepal & Druk Consultancy, Bhutan
Approx. Value of Services: Total-US$ 1.19 Million; GEOCE’s part US$ 450,000
Professional Staff Input: International (27) Regional and National (108 and 90) person months.

Salient Details:

Road Network Project comprised of: (i) periodic maintenance, rehabilitation and improvement of Trongsa-Gelephu National Highway (i.e.NH3) in about 121 km selected sections (i.e. Gelephu-Tingtibi, 97.6 km and Kuenga Rabten – Trongsa, 23 km); construction of about 16 km realignment of NH3 (between Tingtibi and Wangdigang bridge): and upgrading of two bridges (Wangdigang and Yeshigang); and (ii) construction of 4 new feeder roads -111 km, which include Autsho-Garbagtang (54 km) and Kharthungla-Kangpara (34.5 km) in the east and Mirchim-Bongo (16.5 km) and Tekizam-Bjena(6.4 km) in the west. Moreover, the project will contribute to enhance capacity of DOR for managing road asset; and equip to develop private sector participation in domestic construction industry. The project cost is US$ 34.1 million.

The scope of services include Construction supervision of periodic maintenance of 121 km, Gelephu-Tingtibi and Kuenga Rabten-Trongsa sections of NH 3 and upgrading of Wangdigang and Yeshigang bridges (43 m and 34 m spans respectively, steel bridge with RCC deck) (divided into four contract packages GT01, GT02, GT03 and GT04) and 16 km new construction of realignment (Tingtibi-Wangdigang) of NH3 (divided into two contract packages GT05 and GT06); and construction of 4 feeder roads (Tekizam-Bjena, FR03, 6.4 km; Mirchim-Bongo,FR01, 16.5 km; and sections (Autsho-Gumrang, FR04, 15km; Garbatang-Chali, FR07,12 km and Kharungla-Growanchu, FR08,16.3 km) of Autsho-Garbagtang and Kharungla-Kangpara – total 66.1 km and 9 bridges-2 RCC and 7 Bailey bridges-18 to 58 m span) divided into 5 contract packages.