As one of the fields of expertise, GEOCE provides a comprehensive range of services in the field of environment and climate change. These include:

  • Initial environmental examination
  • Environmental impact assessment (EIA,¬†Cumulative¬†impact assessment)
  • Environmental impact mitigation measures
  • Environmental protection and management
  • Environmental audit
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Climate change adaptation
  • Disaster risk management
  • Climate resilience civil engineering solutions
  • Social Safeguard Monitoring

Initial environmental examination (IEE) and environmental impact studies require a flexible and multi-disciplinary approach, utilizing a sound understanding of the planning system, project development cycle, and differing needs of the stakeholders in the process. GEOCE has accumulated years of experience in the IEE and assessment of environmental impact, preparation, implementation, and monitoring of environmental management action plans often on complex multifunctional projects and in difficult or sensitive environments. EIA studies have been conducted by following environmental policies, guidelines, and regulations of the Government and various donors and institutions.