Surveys and Investigation

Aerial and Topographical Surveys

Soils, Land Resources, and Forestry Surveys

Geological and Geophysical Surveys

Geotechnical Investigation

Pavement and Material Surveys

Hydrology and Sediment Studies

Hydrogeology/Groundwater Investigation

Baseline and Impact Evaluation Surveys

Planning and Feasibility Studies

Development Planning

Project Identification

Project Planning

Master Plans

Feasibility Study

Project Preparation

Sector Studies

Research Studies

Engineering Design & Project Implementation

Preliminary and Detail Design and Cost Estimates

Tender and Contract Documentation

Tendering and Bids Evaluation

Construction Supervision

Project Management

Operation and Maintenance

Monitoring and Evaluation

Institutional Development

Organizational Analysis and Development Plan

Assistance to Capacity Building and Institutional Strengthening

Social Mobilization, Group Formation, and Community

Institutional Development

Design and Conduct Training Programs, Workshops

Management Information System