Road Improvement Project; Construction Supervision of Road Upgrading Works, Package B

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    Roads & Bridges


Client: Department Roads
Funding Agency: Exim Bank India
Period: November 2008 to July 2013
Consulting Association: GEOCE Consultants (P) Ltd, Soil Test (P) Ltd and Himal Integrated (P) Ltd JV
Approx. Value of Services: Total-NRs 68.91 Million; GEOCE’s part NRs 41.34 million
Professional Staff Input: National (279) person months.

Salient Details:

Road Improvement Project is one of recent major road upgrading projects in Neal. It included upgrading and construction of about 600 km feeder roads in 13 stretches of the Strategic Road Network (SRN). Package B included upgrading of 123 km roads comprising of Chandranigahapur-Gaur (44 km), Hilepani-Diktel (Hilepani-Halesi section, 40km), Maldhunga-Beni (13 km) and Basantpur-Myaglung (including two urban road stretches, 26 km) in Rautahat, Khotang, Myagdi and Tehrathum districts.

The scope of services comprised of:

  1. Design Update and Preparation of Tender Documents for upgrading of Basantpur-Myaglung Road including two urban road stretches
  • Review existing design and identify additional survey and design requirements for upgrading the remaining road section.
  • Additional engineering surveys to establish/re-establish control points, carry out confirmatory survey to update the existing design to DOR Feeder Roads Standard, road inventory survey and identify retaining structures and drainage works required for road upgrading.
  • Review existing subgrade soil investigation, conduct terrain evaluation and assess pavement support for design of sealed gravel pavement.
  • Review and confirm source of construction materials for road upgrading.
  • Update geometry design to DOR Feeder Roads Standard.
  • Pavement design with Otta seal or other appropriate treatment options with specific consideration to stability of such treatments at steep grade, narrow curves, and problematic areas with regard to slope stability and drainage for remaining road section.
  • Design of drainage and cross-drainage works for proper water management for remaining road section.
  • Design of landslide protection and stabilization measures.
  • Cost estimate and BOQ of road upgrading works.
  • Prepare tender documents based on Standard Bid Documents and technical specifications
2. Construction Supervision of improvement of Chandranigahapur-Gaur (44 km) road to double lane standard feeder road with DBST, and upgrading of Hilepani-Diktel (Hilepani-Halesi section, 40km), Maldhunga-Beni (13 km) and Basantpur-Myaglung (including two urban road stretches, 26 km) to intermediate lane standard feeder roads with Otta seal. Total construction cost of these roads upgrading/improvement was about NRs 850 million.