GEOCE provides innovative, cost effective solutions geared towards the demand of multi-sectors. Our emphasis is on a unique service approach. We offer comprehensive knowledge, complemented with "niche" expertise. We work together with our clients to develop projects which match the need in most cost effective, technically superior way. In achieving this goal we develop expertise in all relevant aspects of our work and ensure that correct level is assigned to each project irrespective of size or complexity.

We provide specialized services at every stage of a project from initial planning and appraisal through to design, contract document, construction supervision, project management, operation and maintenance covering following multidisciplinary fields of engineering, agriculture, natural resource management, rural development, environment and institutional development.


Master Planning

Architecture planning, structure, and operational requirements

Architecture design

Structure design

Interior design

Building services (MEP) design

Landscape architecture

Environment & Climate Change

Environmental planning

IEE , EIA and Comprehensive impact assessment

Mitigation measures

Environmental protection and management

Environmental monitoring and audit

Climate change

Disaster risk management


Transportation (roads, highways, airports, bridges and tunnels)

Irrigation, drainage and flood control

Water supply and sanitation

Hydropower and energy

Urban development

Other infrastructures

Agriculture & Rural Development

Agriculture policy, planning, production, marketing, research, and extension


Integrated rural development planning and implementation

Rural infrastructures development

Resettlement planning

Institutional Development

Institutional /organizational analysis

Institutional development plan

Support to capacity building and institutional development

Management support

Natural Resource Management

Natural resources planning

Natural resource management

Watershed management and conservation