Road Connectivity Project (ADB TA-NEP 7411)

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Client: Asian Development Bank/Department Roads
Funding Agency: Asian Development Bank
Period: April to December, 2010
Consulting Association: WSP International, UK, GEOCE Consultants (P) Ltd
Approx. Value of Services: Total- US$ 485,500, WSP-US$ 320,500 GEOCE’s part- US$ 165,000
Professional Staff Input: International (12) and National (30) person months

Salient Details:

Project preparatory technical assistance (PPTA) comprising of (i) an infrastructure investment component which will finance upgrading/rehabilitation of approximately 300 km of the Strategic Road Network (SRN); and (ii) institutional development and capacity development component aimed at increasing the sustainability of the investment and enhancing on-going sector initiatives. The cost estimates of road and bridge upgrading/rehabilitation works was about US$ 62 million.

The consulting services were to carry out relevant studies, field investigations, preliminary designs, cost estimates, feasibility studies, safeguard analyses, and development of implementation arrangements required in support of the ADB project loan preparation.  The principal activities include:

  1. Road Prioritization Study to select 300 km of road for inclusion in RCP from a long list of approximately 600 km of candidate roads.
  2. Feasibility Study for upgrading of 285 km roads comprising 8 roads (Ramapur-Lumbini-Kakarhawa, 34 km; Manthali-Ramechhap, 14 km;  Halesi-Diktel, 38 km; Leguwaghat-Bhojpur, 65 km; Leguwaghat-Tumlingtar 25 km; EWH-Koshi Bridge (Chatara)-EWH, 71 km, Ghinaghat-Biratchowk, 22 km; and Mechipul-Chandragadhi-Birtamod, 16 km)
  3. Engineering Study including field surveys, identification and assessment of improvement options, engineering design, drawings, cost estimates and contract packaging.
  4. Engineering survey, site investigation, design, drawings and cost estimate and contract packaging of 28 motorable bridges (length of individual bridge 12 to 325 m, RCC T beam, Prestressed and steel plate girder). The bridges were Sukhajor Khola (62 m) on Manthali-Ramechhap Road; Khar Khola (16.7 m) and Bhalu Khola (16.7m) on Leguwaghat-Tumlingtar (Sabha Khola); Hakraha Khola (16.7 m), Datta Kichha Khola (26.5 m), Sardu (Sunsari) Khola (33 m), Patnali Khola 1(62 m), Patnali Khola 2 (20.7 m), Bagh Khola (12 m), Karam Khola (25 m), Gauri Khola (20.7m ), Chhinna Mastak Khola (20.7 m), Bagundre Khola (16.7m), Bairawa Khola (51m), Seti Khola (62 m), Jarayo Khola (20.7m), Khar Khola (16.7 m), Yasodha Khola (40.8 m), Muti Khola (33 m), Jogini Khola (16m), Katari Khola (40.8m), Sisuwa Khola (51m), Gideri Khola (103.5m), Kali Khola (40.8m), Trijuga Khola (325m) Chandra Canal Alt1 (16m) and Chandra Canal Alt 2 (51m) on EWH-Koshi Bridge (Chatara)-EWH Road.
  5. Economic Analysis covering traffic forecasts and economic appraisal of improvement options under sensitivity and risk scenarios.
  6. Capacity Assessment of Executing/Implementing Agency procurement and financial management capacity.
  7. Preparation of design and monitoring framework and performance monitoring system.