Feasibility Study of Thankot – Naubise Tunnel Road and Tokha-Gujre Tunnel Road

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Client: Department of Roads
Funding Agency: Government of Nepal
Period: October 2012 to March 2013
Consulting Association: GEOCE Consultants (P) Ltd-Tech Studio of Engineering (P) Ltd JV
Approx. Value of Services: NRs 2,193,000, GEOCE’s part-NRs 1,315,800
Professional Staff Input: National (13) person months.

Salient Details:

Feasibility study of Thankot-Naubise and Tokha-Gurje Tunnel Roads in Kathmandu, which include identification and study of alternate options of tunnel routes, surveys and investigation (including 2D electrical resistivity survey), geological mapping, seismicity, environmental  study, preliminary design, economic analysis, technical and financial assessment, options study and recommendation of selected tunnel road alignment.

Thankot-Naubise Tunnel Road

The study considered Direct tunnel road alignment continuous from Nagdhunga to Naubise and Small tunnel road alignment of shorter length at scattered locations along with following options:

a) Direct Tunnel Road Alignment
    Option -1: Totipakha/Thankot – Naubise, 7.7 km
    Option -2: Imakhel 1/Thankot – Naubise, 7.05 km
b) Small Tunnel Road Alignment (Shorter length of Tunnels at scattered places):
    Option -3: Tunnel-1: Imakhel /Thankot – Sisne Khola, 2.3 km
    Tunnel-2: Sisne Khola – Sikre Khola, 1.7 km
    Tunnel-3: Sikre Khola– Khani Khola (straight), 1.75 km and
    Tunnel-3 (curve): Sikre Khola – Khani Khola, 1.8 km

On the basis of study, Imakhel-Sisne Khola tunnel was recommended for Thankot-Naubise Tunnel Road

Tokha-Gurje Tunnel Road

The study identified and examined six options of Direct Tunnel alignment to cross Siwapuri mountain range between these two road head points. The identified alignment options for the study were from Jhor (Jagat Gaun) (2.85 km), Tokha Chandeshowari Gaon (5.16 km), and Budhanilkantha (Sarki Gaon) (5.2 km) to Gurje and Ganesh Khola alternatives to Ghyampe Khola (3.55 km) and Geragaun (4.175 km) and  Salle to Geragaun (4.875 km).

Based on study Ganesh Khola – Geragaun Tunnel Road alignment was recommended for Tokha-Gurje Road.