EIA Study of 132 kV Transmission Line for Middle Bhote Koshi – 1 Hydroelectric Project

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Client: Tara Energy (P) Ltd
Funding Agency: Tara Energy (P) Ltd
Period: April 2013 to March 2015
Consulting Association: HES-GEOCE- Nepal Consult
Approx. Value of Services: NRs 800,000
Professional Staff Input: National (12) person months
Salient Details

Bhote Koshi-5 Hydroelectric Project -1 is a run-off river project of installed capacity 39 MW in Sindhuplachowk district. The power generated from this project is to be evacuated to connect with existing transmission line of Upper Bhote Koshi Hydropower Project. It will require 132 kV transmission line. Although the length of transmission line is short (384 m), the proposal of power evacuation has to go through the EIA process being located within the Gauri Shanker Conservation Area.

The scope of EIA study include public notice, preparation of scoping document and ToR, preparation of field study, data collection and analysis, assessment of environmental impacts on physical, biological and socio-cultural aspects and their mitigation measures, preparation of environmental management plan, Public hearing and preparation of EIA report. The EIA study was carried out as per Environmental Protection Regulation of Government of Nepal.