Rural Infrastructure Development Project, Construction Supervision of and Social Mobilization for Outstanding Civil Works

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    Rural Infrastructures

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Client: Department of Local Infrastructure Development & Agricultural Roads
Funding Agency: Asian Development Bank
Period: December 2003 to March 2005
Consulting Association: GEOCE Consultants (P) Ltd, REMREC, RES and CYC,
Approx. Value of Services: Total NRs 49 million, GEOCE’s part – NRs 43.2 million
Professional Staff Input: National (Total 215 person months, GEOCE-163, REMREC-17, RES-17, CYC-18)

Salient Details

The primary objective of the project was to reduce poverty among the rural population in the hill region by improving access of the rural population to opportunities, resources and services. The project comprised three components: construction of some 260 km rural roads (in Kavre, Tanahun, and Baglung districts) using labour-based, environment-friendly and participatory (LEP) approach, small scale multi-purpose community buildings in about 90 villages to enhance village-level community development, and awareness campaigns on LEP approach in road construction, self-help initiative, women’s active participation, environmental protection.

Major scope of services was categorized into (i) Technical tasks comprising survey, design review/design and construction supervision of road works of (Khopasi-Taldhunga, 65 km; Bhimad-Chihandanda-Deorali-Baidi, 38 km; Bhimad-Dhakardi-Bhirkot, 35 km; Belbhanjyang-Deorali, 13 km; Baglung-Kusmishera, 21 km and Baglung-Burtibang, 90 km); and (ii) Social mobilization tasks comprising activities to enhance genuine people’s participation, formation of local labor groups, ensure fair working condition to the laborers and transparent wage payment, institutional development of road user committees, training and awareness raising programs in road construction. The social mobilization activities were carried out by NGOs (REMREC in Kavre, RES in Tanahun & CYC in Baglung) under supervision and coordination of GEOCE. Total cost of project was about US$ 11.2 million. The construction cost of outstanding civil works was about US$ 2.52 million.