ADB TA 9457 NEP, Institutional Strengthening of the Nepal Rural Road Sector for Sustainable Development, Consulting Services (48218-003)

The project was awarded to Sheladia Associates, Inc., USA in association with GEOCE Consultants (P) Ltd and SILT Consultants (P) Ltd on November 13, 2018. The project was commenced from January 1, 2019. The main objective of the consulting services is to support the Government of Nepal through Ministry of Federal Affairs and General Administration in improving sector management by implementing institutional development initiatives. The focus of TA will be to redefine and restructure the Department of Local Infrastructure (DOLI) (formerly Department of Local Infrastructure Development and Agricultural Roads (DOLIDAR)) to a state-of-the art rural road agency; and implement new business procedures covering (procurement and contracting processes, planning processes, quality assurance systems, and engineering -pavement design, road maintenance and road safety) and provide training to DOLI, Provincial and Local Level officials for management of roads. The project duration is 12 months.