TA 9873-NEP: Preparing the Airport Capacity Enhancement Sector Development Program – Review of the Investment Component under the proposed Sector Development Program (38349-030)

Client:Asian Development Bank
Funding Agency: Asian Development Bank
Period: May to October 2020
Consulting Association: ADP Ingenierie, GEOCE Consultants (P) Ltd
Approx. Value of Services: Total US$ 622,747, GEOCE’s part- US$ 90,105
Professional Staff Input: International (ADPI-11) and National (GEOCE-14) person months.

Salient Details

The Government of Nepal has applied for a loan from the Asian Development Bank (ADB) for Airport Capacity Enhancement Sector Development Program (SDP). The SDP will (i) support civil aviation sector reforms in restructuring the Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN) (the program component), and (ii) provide project financing for improvement of airport facilities at TIA and Gautam Buddha International Airport (GBIA) in Lumbini (the investment component). The investment component includes (i) construction of hangar aprons for relocation of hangars to the eastern part of TIA, (ii) extension of parallel taxiway to runway end 02 at TIA and (iii) construction of a new international terminal building with a floor space of 35,000m2 at GBIA.

The scope of consultant’s services include:
⦁ Review of existing design of the proposed investment component at TIA, which comprises (i) construction of two hangar aprons (HA#1, HA#2, total area 98,100 m2 of PCC pavement and associated access taxiways (Taxiways ‘P’, ‘Q’ & ‘R’ – total area 29,000 m2 of asphalt concrete pavement) and (ii) extension of existing Parallel Taxiway – i.e. Taxiway ‘J’ from existing taxiway ‘E’ to runway end 02 ≈1140 m and exit taxiways, ‘K’ & ‘L’ – total area 77,100 m2 of asphalt concrete pavement).
⦁ Update of rate analysis and cost estimates of hangar aprons and Parallel Taxiway.
⦁ Review of bid documents and specifications of proposed contract packages of Hangar Aprons and Parallel Taxiway at TIA.
⦁ Update demand forecast of the current TIA master plan and GBIA with available airport-related and socio/economic data with due consideration of impact of COVID-19 pandemic.
⦁ Assess the current design, location, and possible implementation schedule of the international passenger terminal building (ITB) at TIA in terms of the reviewed masterplan, identify critical issues for its implementation, and propose necessary action plan for the project preparation and implementation.
⦁ Due diligence: (i) economic and financial analysis according to ADB’s Guidelines for the Economic Analysis of Projects; (ii) environmental and social safeguards as per ADB’s Safeguard Policy Statement (SPS); and (iii) environmental, climate change, and social assessment of proposed investment components at TIA and GBIA.

Air Transport Project Preparatory Consultant, Transport Project Preparatory Facility (ADB Grant No. 0227-NEP (SF))


Client: Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN)
Funding Agency: Asian Development Bank
Period: November 2015 to October 2017
Consulting Association: ADP Ingenierie, GEOCE Consultants (P) Ltd, PT Osana International, ATDMPL
Approx. Value of Services: Total US$ 5.35 million, GEOCE’s part- NRs 69.5 million
Professional Staff Input: International (101) and National (290) person months. GEOCE’s part 224 person months

Salient Details

Transport Project Preparatory Facility Project aims to enhance transport connectivity through improved efficiency in air transport. The project comprises detail design of the air transport project and capacity development support for the preparation and implementation of PPP projects in air transport sector.

The scope of consulting services was to review and update current master plan (2010-2028) of TIA; to carry out detail engineering design of airside and landslide infrastructures for ultimate development plan (2028) and preparation of bidding documents for procurement of works and equipment; and to assist CAAN to undertake public-private partnership project in the air transport sector.

The details of scope include:

  • Review current Master Plan (2010-2028) of TIA, update air traffic flows and projections, capacity analysis of runway and taxiway system, assessment of facilities requirements and location and layouts and propose rearrangement of phased development/ improvement of TIA, preparation of Obstacle Limitation Surfaces for ultimate development plan of TIA, and preparation of noise contour plan;
  • Detail engineering design, cost estimates and contract packaging of (i) airside infrastructure comprising relocation of existing Nepal Army and Nepal Airlines hangars, improvement of runway strip, new parallel taxiway section, new international apron (Phase II, capacity 6 wide body aircrafts with aero bridge and 2 stands for VVIP), new remote aircraft parking apron including link taxiways, new helipad, parallel taxiway extension to runway end 02, access road to link between Runway and VOR/DME area; (ii) design of  landside infrastructures comprising of new international terminal building (100,000 sqm, 7 MPax), reconfiguration of existing international terminal building (22,000 sqm) to operate as domestic terminal, relocation of existing and development of new VVIP Building, relocation of Nepal Army establishments, expansion of existing Cargo Terminal, water supply improvement, new sewage treatment plant, fuel hydrant system; (iii) secondary power augmentation; (iv) CNS/ATM; (iv) priority CNS/ATM facilities; (v) dedicated surface transportation for TIA;
  • PPP (assessment of future development/improvement plan of TIA under PPP, identify sub-projects potential for PPP undertaking, prepare PQ, EOI, ToR, bidding/contract documents, concession agreements for PPP project).