Rajapur Irrigation Rehabilitation Project

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Client: Department of Irrigation
Funding Agency: Asian Development Bank
Period: March 1994 to December 2000
Consulting Association: Mott Mac Donald, Sir William Halcrow, EAST Consult and GEOCE Consultants (P) Ltd
Approx. Value of Services: GEOCE part- NRs 11.5 million
Professional Staff Input: International (37) National (104) person months

Salient Details:

The project consists of one of the largest farmer managed irrigation schemes in Nepal. It comprises 15,800 GCA and 13,160 CCA on the island formed by Karnali and Genuwa rivers. The project area covers 11 VDCs and population of 98,615 (census 2000). Existing 6 systems were integrated to a single irrigation project. Main features of the project comprised rehabilitation of irrigation systems including headworks/intake at Karnali and Genuwa; irrigation distribution structures; river training, drainage; construction of road (total 37 km) and bridges (total 8 nos. above 10 m span). The project cost was approximately US $ 20 million.

The scope of services included detail design and construction supervision of irrigation works, roads and bridges. Major services provided consisted of

  • topography surveys of irrigation, roads and bridges;
  • geotechnical investigation of major irrigation structures, roads,  bridges (8 no) and major canal crossings;
  • hydrological study of bridge sites;
  • design of irrigation intake structures, weir cum offtakes, head regulators etc;
  • design of flood protection and river training works;
  • design of roads (East West 13 km and North-South 24 km) including drainage and cross drainage;
  • design of bridges (Budhi Kulo, 60 m; Maila Nala, 23 m; Rataiya Nala I & II,10 m and 14.5 m; Dhobinipur Jharan, Duranagar Kulo, Dalai Kulo and Patabhar Kulo, each 10 m)
  • preparation of drawings, cost estimates
  • preparation of bidding documents for ICB and LCB
  • assistance to procurement of works
  • assist and advise the project for construction supervision and quality control of irrigation, river training, road and bridge works by LCB and ICB contracts as per FIDIC 4.